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HypnoBirthing Refresher


HypnoBirthing Refresher Class

So you took your HypnoBirthing class a year or two ago, had a baby and now while expecting your next one - you say you've forgotten everything?? Or is it your partner that needs a tune up? Well time to come back and play!

Either way - it's different this time. You know the reward at the end of the journey and this time will be much easier to let go and go with the flow.

This class was specifically designed to reconnect you and your partner now that you have become parents and are a lot busier than the first time(or second or third!).

We will go over all the breathing, visualization and touching tools, a dry run of labor positions and discuss "do over's" from the last birth and hopes for the new one. You will even gather a few new tools for this labor and get geared up to look forward to it.

I would also suggest that you join the four part series - Release and Relax classes that are offered one Friday each month(mamas only) to prepare and relax you even further. 

    Class size is limited so sign up today.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you purchase "Bucky 40 blinks" before class and bring them - here is a link to buy them from Amazon Prime - SUCH A GREAT LABOR TOOL and we'll use them in class. Buy one here...

    Hypnobirthing Refresher Course
    at the Birth Education Center



    September 9th
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    November 11th
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    Taught by:
    Care Messer: Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula

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